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Family law matters have a profound impact on our relationships. These legal issues are three-fold: they often dissolve existing family structures, set the foundation for a new type of family life, and protect everyday people from violence and abuse. As a firm that has practiced family law for more than two decades in the Jefferson, Oldham and Bullitt counties, the Wagner Law Office is ready and able to provide the legal support you deserve.

Domestic Violence

It would be an understatement to say that domestic violence and abuse are a national problem. Domestic violence is an epidemic that effects 20 people every minute in this country. More than 10 million men and women fall victim to abuse each year and it’s imperative that you contact an attorney if you have experienced abuse from a domestic partner.

An experienced attorney can help you petition the court system. Emergency protective orders can be put in place to hold aggressors responsible and put the force of law behind you. Restraining orders are the most widely petitioned orders and once you have one in place, your violent and abusive domestic partner could be subject to arrest if they harass you further. These orders can be put in place for a set period of time and renewed if you feel uncomfortable or threatened when the term expires. While reporting domestic violence to law enforcement is important, a protective order can be obtained without a criminal charge pending. The most important thing is to keep you safe during this vulnerable time in your life.

Child Adoption

Adopting a child can be a blessing that expands your family and brings everyone closer together. The legal and bureaucratic hurdles, unfortunately, are extensive and it may be in your best interest to have an experienced family law attorney take the lead.

There are three basic types of adoption and each poses a different set of challenges.

  • Step-Family Adoption: In-family adoptions provide legal protection of a minor in a blended family. It also can help bind you as one clan and is often viewed as a rite of passage for the child and family members. To adopt a step-child, you will need the other biological parent to willingly terminate their parental rights. In cases of unfit and uncooperative parents, the court can be petitioned.
  • Agency Adoptions: Adopting a child without a family is an incredible act of kindness. It does often come at a considerable financial cost and many bureaucratic obstacles.
  • Private Adoptions: In cases where a couple arrange an adoption from an expected or willing mother, the difficulties tend to be that birth parents change their mind or want to alter the agreement. There can be legal stipulation put in place to help solidify the process.

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Family law can play a positive aspect in enhancing and protecting families. If you have a family law issue, the Wagner Law Office works with everyday families in Jefferson, Oldham and Bullitt counties. Call today for a free consultation.

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