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Any time that parents separate or divorce, the breakup takes an emotional toll on children. It can be confusing to not spend time with one parent or the other on a daily basis. That’s why it’s in the best interests of parents to work together and come to an agreement that provides the minor enough time to maintain a bond, and also keeps them grounded in one home environment. But if you and the other parent cannot agree, the Wagner Law Office has more than two decades of experience resolving child custody matters.

The Child’s Best Interest

When it comes to deciding child custody and placement, the courts put the child’s best interest first and foremost. That basically means that each parent’s wishes may be secondary to placing the child in a stable setting where they can flourish. The courts also understand the value of strong parent-child relationships with both parents. While most orders favor joint custody, physical placement is a key component. If you wish the child to live with you and enjoy visitation with the other parent, a persuasive case will need to be made on your behalf. The court will consider things such as:

  • Stability of the home environment
  • Educational opportunities
  • Medical care and treatment needs
  • Primary caregiver
  • Religious and moral considerations

Things that can negatively impact a petition for placement include criminal behavior, substance abuse, alcoholism, domestic abuse and violence among others. If one spouse is deemed unfit, sole custody could be a possibility.

Visitation Schedules

The majority of child custody cases involve a reasonable measure of visitation by the non-custodial parent. The court has some basic guidelines in mind that reinforce the parent-child bond. It’s possible to negotiate a specific visitation schedule with the other party and submit it for court approval. When the other parent isn’t reasonable, the issue may need to go to a hearing. It will be important to present a strong case for the visitation that you and your child deserve.

Work With A Louisville Child Custody Attorney

At the Wagner Law Office, I advocate for parents and children in Jefferson, Oldham and Bullitt counties to secure custody and visitation orders that provide the most fruitful relationship possible. If you are faced with a child custody issue, call our Louisville office for a free consultation.

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