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Personal Injury

Personal Injury Law Firm Fights for Injured Clients Dedicated attorneys pursue full compensation for negligent harm Personal injuries can happen on the road, at work or even at home, often with devastating consequences. When you are injured due to somebody else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost income, pain...

Child Custody

When it comes to deciding child custody and placement, the courts put the child’s best interest first and foremost. That basically means that each parent’s wishes may be secondary to placing the child in a stable setting where they can flourish. The courts also understand the value of strong parent-child relationships with both parents.


The uncertainty of divorce can make life very stressful. You are ending a chapter in your life that was filled with expectations. However, you are also taking major steps toward a more positive and productive future. It’s important that you put your energies into building that new life.

Family Law

Family law matters have a profound impact on our relationships. These legal issues are three-fold: they often dissolve existing family structures, set the foundation for a new type of family life, and protect everyday people from violence and abuse.

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